Komo among Tagwa-Senufo Peoples in Southwest Burkina Faso

by Boureima T. Diamitani
West African Museums Programme

Komo maskers at the funeral of a komotigui. Tagwa peoples, Burkina Faso. Photo by Boureima Diamitani, 1997.

Komo Performance

The Komo performance is one of the most spectacular events in a Tagwa village.  The Komo masquerade is the visible symbol of the secret nature of the Komo institution.  It is a deeply significant ceremony performed only after long preparation.  Komo perform for entertainment during the dry season between the end of the harvest in February and the beginning of the rainy season in June. The Komo performs for divination—to solve the problems of those attending the performance—and also at funeral sites and the cemetery for the death of a senior member of the Komo society, or a Komo mother.