Komo among Tagwa-Senufo Peoples in Southwest Burkina Faso

by Boureima T. Diamitani
West African Museums Programme

Komo masker. Tagwa peoples, Burkina Faso. Photo by Boureima Diamitani, 1997.

Although scholars mention the existence of Komo societies among the Mande-speaking people from the region extending from "Wasulu and Bougouni to Sikasso" (McNaughton 1980: 17), no researcher has suggested that the Senufo living in the region of Sikasso itself have the Komo.  Instead, Senufo people have for many years been said to be linked primarily with the Poro, which was well developed in the region of Korhogo [central Cote d’Ivoire].  It is essential to understand that the Komo is not only a Bamana institution, but that it also exists among some Senufo groups.